Tuesday, May 19, 2009

playlist for 19/05/09

richard, all alone.

1. big black. kerosene [atomizer]
2. bipolar bear. algiers [abstract distractions]

3. mythical beast. big sky [raven sings the blue presents: vol 1.]
4. real estate. saturday morning [atlantic city expressway ep]
5. wounded knee. bools rule [shimmering new vistas]

6. nothing people. pushing buttons [late night]
7. trudgers. nothing perfect ever [7"]
8. tyvek. flowers [the world's lousy with ideas]

9. palace brothers. stable will [peel session 29/07/94]
10. silver jews. trains across the sea [starlite walker]
11. palace brothers. trudy dies [peel session 29/07/94]
12. jeffrey lewis and the junkyard. to be objectified [em are i]

13. peter jefferies. neither do i [the last great challenge in a dull world]
14. mount pleasant. reverie, reverie [nocturnes]
15. alastair galbraith. huxley [morse]
16. basketball nightmare. hug your spirit [demo???]

17. silk flowers. cannibals and headhunters [flash of light 7"]
18. the shivers. cheree (suicide cover) [in the morning]
19. ghosts. bones [demo]
20. repairs. lottery [s/t]

21. ganglians. radically inept candy girl [12"]
22. dog bite. goodbye mrs fierce [the owls and the eyes ep]
23. dana jewell. baby come on [underwater peoples compilation]
24. cass mccombs. dreams come true girl [single]

25. ariel pinks haunted graffiti. flashback [7"]
26. street beat. one by one (keeponwalking) [solo songs]
27. deerhunter. rainwater cassette exchange [rainwater cassette exchange ep]

28. valet. dealer vs ocean [false face society]
29. xiu xiu. i am the center of your world [chapel of the chimes]
30. russian tsarlag. keepers black glove [untitled c20]

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