Tuesday, August 25, 2009

playlist aug 25

1. runners. blue ribbon [four track demo]

2. times new viking. no time, no hope [born again revisited]
3. dunes. handle [demo]

4. art thieves. mona lisa [hozac hookup club 004]
5. mother of tears. in the morning [hozac hookup club 006]
6. white mystery. powerglove [hozac hookup club 005]

7. taterbug. chemical vacation [demo]
8. basketball nightmare. shaking [nervous energy]
9. the craters. cool enough for school [teenage high school]

10. space dive. take yr pills [21st century sport]
11. sewn leather. smoke ov the pvnk [night people cassette]
12. john maus. do yr best [love is real]

13. mermaids. eternal summer [demo]
14. pure ecstasy. you're in it now [bangin on wine 7"]
15. fergus & geronimo. harder than it's ever been [harder... 7"]

16. julian lynch. rancher [orange you glad]
17. signer. languidly toot [next we bring you the fire]
18. jealousy. nightstalking [demo]

19. girls. summertime [girls]
20. trudgers. nothing perfect ever [rcrdlbl downloaddd]
21. creepy crawlers. beginning middle end [new demo]

22. forest swords. glory gongs [7"]
23. sun araw. get low [heavy deeds]
24. wavves. to the dregs version two [to the dregs single]

25. pens. horses [hey friend what you doing?]
26. pens. freddie [hey friend what you doing?]