Tuesday, February 03, 2009

bring on the (anti) party 03/02/09

1. sonic youth. cross the breeze [live in vienna '89]
2. smog. bathysphere [wild love]

3. japanther. the gravy [yer living grave ep]
4. graffiti island. bad potions [demo]
5. trudges. brother boogie [least evolved]

6. ghetto cross. dog years [ghetto cross 7"]
7. thee oh sees. kids in cars [peanut butter years]
8. xiu xiu. fox and the rabbit [the air force]

9. lotus plaza. different mirrors [the floodlight collective]
10. abe vigoda. the walk [kid city]
11. beat happening. bewitched [jamboree]
12. the hospitals. teams [hairdryer peace]

13. red house painters. katys song [red house painters I]
14. thanksgiving. i forgot yr name [the "in the world" e.p]

"contender for song of the year"

15. jeans wilder. mosquito [split w. a. gal]
16. gowns. cherry lee [red state]
17. whitman. i heart l.a [sun, smog and hate]

18. beachhh boyz. feel flows [surfz uppp]
19. the octopipers. sloop john b [unknown. but featuring audrey hepburn on vox?]
20. no age. things i did when i was dead [nouns]

21. grouper. poison tree [split w. inca ore]
22. christina carter. death [split w. pocahaunted]
23. kria brekkan. fondling [apotropaiosong armor]
24. blank its. windows are dirty [7"]
25. golden triangle. prize fighter [prize fighter]

26. lotus plaza. red oak way [the floodlight collective]
27. mike bones. i'm a decent man, i keep repeating [a fool for everyone]
28. old blood. i win [old men]

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