Tuesday, March 17, 2009

playlist march 17 2009

1. blank dogs. calling over [seconds ep]

2. crystal stilts. love is a wave [love is a wave 7"]
3. cryptacize. blue tears [mythomania]
4. dum dum girls. yrs alone [captured tracks 12"]

5. grouper. heavy water/i'd rather be sleeping [dragging...]
6. grouper. rising height [split 7" with pumice]

7. night control. good looks [death control]
8. david thomas broughton. so much sin to forgive [dublab session]
9. caethua. a first breath [the pleasures of manhood]

10. zola jesus. last day [new amsterdam]
11. jeans wilder. navy blue [nice trash]
12. sore eros. smile on yr face [second chants]

13. the beatles. revolution take 20 [RARE SHIT BRO]
14. the microphones. 8 months in olympia [olympia talent show]

15. night control. star 129 [death control]
16. forest swords. kaibasa claps [demo]
17. peaking lights. 5 records skipping together [clearvoyant]

18. blank dogs. the threes [the seconds ep]
19. dan deacon. wet wings [bromst]
20. country teasers. bung oats [woar]

21. banjo or freakout. from stardust to sentience [cover]
22. gun outfit. on the beach [dim light]
23. blessure grave. feeding the silence [split 12" with cult of youth]

24. eric copeland. track 1 [RGAG]
25. neil young. tonight's the night [tonight's the night]

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