Tuesday, September 08, 2009

playlist sept 08

1. meth teeth. unemployment forever [everything went wrong]

2. fergus & geronimo. tell it (in my ear) [7"]
3. campfires. daytime tv [burning rivers]

4. tickley feather. muscles [hors d'oeuvres]
5. surfer blood. swim (to reach the end) [astro coast]
6. atlas sound. sheila [logos]

7. navajo bixby. moonlighting [demo]
8. neon indian. shouldve taken acid with you [psychic chasms]
9. wild nothing. cloudbusting [demo]

10. white rainbow. all the boogies in the world (edit) [new clouds]
11. lightning bolt. funny farm [earthly delights]
12. tan dollar. chinese song [pink sky ep]

13. arthur russell. close my eyes [love is overtaking me]
14. atlas sound. criminals [logos]
15. ned rifle. end credits: simple men [music from films of hal hartley]

16. weed diamond. every christian lion hearted man [beegees cover]
17. joose. keskitalo kaupungit puristuvat puristimissa [keskitalo kaupungit puristuvat puristimissa]
18. street beat. sooli [demo]

19. fuck buttons. surf solar [surf solar 7"]
20. tropa macaca. zona do bicho [marfim]
21. wet hair. cold city [glass fountain]

22. pink reason. scared shitless [borrowed time 7"]
23. psychedelic horseshit. dreadlock paranoia [shitgaze anthems ep]
24. visions of trees. my antlers [forest tracks]

25. hanoi janes. across the sea [forthcoming LP]

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