Friday, May 08, 2009

The Wire Playlist May 8

1. Lawrence Arabia. Apple Pie Bed [Chant Darling]
2. Pill Wonder. What We Know [Demo]
3. City Center. Open/House [City Center]
4. Gentle Friendly. Ride Around Shining []
5. Beach Fossils. Daydream [Demo]
6. Burial/Four Tet. Wolf Cub [Moth/Wolf Cub 12"]
7. Teengirl Fantasy. Floor to Floor [TGIF EP]
8. Deerhunter. Circulation [Rainwater Cassette Exchange]
9. Deerhunter. Game of Diamonds [Rainwater Cassette Exchange]
10. The Cool Kids. Popcorn [When Fish Ride Bicycles]
11. Charles Hamilton. Way Cool [Excellence of Execution]
12. Liechtenstein. Roses in the Park [Survival Strategies in a Modern World]

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