Tuesday, August 18, 2009

playlist 18 aug

shea solo; richard trapped in word counts/semiotics

1. ducktails. on the boardwalk [landscapes]

2. deep sht. no no mr greenspan [weird you]
3. girls. morning light [girls]
4. my bloody valentine. sunny sundae smile [sunny sunday smile]
5. easyboy. sunny day garbage pile [friends]

6. sweet beat. wrong body [demo]
7. becoming real. tracy chapman [demo]
8. peaking lights. silver tongues, soft whispers [imaginary falcons]

9. wet hair. ordinary lives [dream]
10. ducktails. house of mirrors [landscapes]

11. julian lynch. time after time [cyndi lauper cover]
12. velvet underground. pale blue eyes [s/t]
13. dirty beaches. coast to coast [forthcoming cassette]

14. atlas sound. attic lights [logos]
15. meth teeth. i was wrong [everything went wrong]
16. social junk. all i see [forthcoming?]

17. best coast. something in the way [new demo]
18. big troubles. grey dayz [demo]
19. smith westerns. girl in love [smith westerns//7"]

20. high places. late bloomer [split 12" w/ soft circle]
21. james ferraro. toxic spill [kfc city 3099: pt. 1 toxic spill]

22. fergus & geronimo. last letter [harder than it's ever been 7"]
23. assassins 88. class of '88 [go go second chance virgin]
24. personal & the pizzas. brass knuckles [brass knuckles 7"]
25. magic kids. good to be [bside 7" hey boy]

26. beaches. hoe down [beaches]


Jonathan Phillips said...

has logos leaked? i am well behind on the leaks I guess. and sweet show shea

shea said...

no no not yet, just 4 tracks or something. that one i played was really nice