Tuesday, June 02, 2009

PLAYLIST june 2 2009

1. the ruby suns. don't touch the dusty fruit [new!]

2. pens. pig [forthcoming]
3. cause co-motion. because because because [because because because ep]
4. fungi girls. glare [psilo demo]

5. handglops. the first party [ronk ng rool]
6. mazes. bethseda [demo]
7. deerhunter. circulation [rainwater cassette exchange]

8. terminal island. cadmium yellow light [demo]
9. YACHT. psychic city [see mystery lights]
10. gary war. zontag [zontag 7"]

11. tndrnss. more fur [demo]
12. dirty beaches. untitled demo [forthcoming LP3]
13. blind man's colour. heavy cloud hustle [season dreaming]

14. turtle ambulance. roundabouts [demo]
15. lamborghini crystal. track 1, side a [1992 cool runnings]
16. repairs. yr eyes [s/t ep]

17. trudgers. freezing over [nothing perfect ever 7" bside]
18. cold cave. heavenly metals [cremations]
19. a gal. and all i could think of was you [jeans wilder cs ep]

20. best coast. in my room [demo]
21. rolling hunt. criminal [criminal ep]
22. pearl harbour. sunburn [demo]

23. sad city. agua [underwater peoples comp]
24. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. evolution's a lie [can't hear my eyes 7"]
25. animal collective. young prayer #2 [animal crackbox]

26. the beets. i think i might've built a horse [dunno]
27. lamborghini crystal. track 4, side b [1992 cool runnings]

28. thee oh sees. schwag rifles [the world's lousy with ideas vol 8]
29. pygmy shrews. catheter [big time]
30. happy burger. pizza all around [pizza all around 7"]
31. male bonding. pirate key [demo]

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