Friday, May 01, 2009


1. Sunset Rubdown. Idiot Heart [Dragonslayer]
2. Friendship. Highhorse Master [4 Songs]
3. Real Estate. Suburban Dogs [Atlantic City Expressway]
4. Turtle Ambulance. Antelopes [Demo]
5. Atlas Sound. Dovers Jam [Live in Atlanta]
6. Night Control. Good Looks [Death Control]
7. Neon Indian. Should Have Taken Acid with You [Demo]
8. Burial. Moth (Excerpt) [Burial/Four Tet 12"]
9. Nite Jewel. Lover [Good Evening]
10. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names. 1999 [#4]
11. Magic Kids. Hey Boy [Hey Boy 7"]
12. Neon Indian. Deadbeat Summer [Demo]
13. Mika Miko. I Got a Lot (New New New) [We Be Xuxa]
14. Mika Miko. Blues Not Speed [We Be Xuxa]

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