Tuesday, February 17, 2009


1. ooga boogas. neon sunset [romance and adventure]
2. cold cave. sex ads [sex ads 7"]
3. christmas island. bed island [blackout summer]

4. jeans wilder. simpler times [antiques]
5. natural numbers. sunrising [comma]
6. silent talk. love go's [demo]

7. a gal. diver [demo]
8. jana hunter. blue and silver bonded [sxsw 2009 showcasing artists]
9. grouper. giving it to you [wide]

10. dan deacon. padding ghost [bromst]
11. dan deacon. get older [bromst]
12. dan deacon. woof woof [bromst]

13. little girls. venom [youth tunes]
14. sets. bat bans [demo]
15. silk flowers. costume [dunnooo]
16. dinowalrus. electric car, gas guitar [split 7" with bachelor of arts]

17. theoretical girls. mom & dad [theoretical girls]
18. ducktails. white house with green shutters [acres of shade]
19. high places. universe [03/07-09/07]

20. pan american. for aiming at the stars [widebird release]
21. lovvers. human hair [think]

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