Tuesday, June 20, 2006

chasing after deer: best of 06 so far!!!!!!

hi all. as mentioned in the PREVIOUS POST tonight is a 2006: BEST SO FAR... show. but with some older stuff too!

tracks in bold orange denote the best albums of 2006 so far!

1. edmund cake. secret girl (downtown puff)
2. bob dylan. i want you (blonde on blonde)
3. bonnie prince billy & matt sweeney. i gave you (superwolf)
4. brian jonestown massacre. anenome (their satanic majesties 2nd request)
5. tv on the radio. dirty whirlwind (return to cookie mountain)
6. sunset rubdown. snake's got a leg III (shut up i am dreaming)
7. television personalities. jackanory story (and don't the kids just love it)
8. destroyer. 3000 flowers (destroyer's rubies)
9. camera obscura. i need all the friends i can get (let's get out of this country)
10. vetiver. maureen (to find me gone)
11. the walkmen. danny's at the wedding (a hundred miles off)
12. dirty projectors. my offwhite flag (the glad fact)
13. akron/family. raising the sparks (angels of light)
14. the fiery furnaces. police sweater blood vow (bitter tea)
15. hdu. schallblute (fireworks)
16. the french kicks. no mean time (two thousand)
17. danielson. ship the majestic suffix (ships)
18. jenny lewis. rise up with fists (rabbit furcoat)
19. elliott smith. fond farewell (basement on a hill)
20. midlake. bandits (trials of van occupanther)
21. minisnap. march hare (march hare ep)
22. olivia tremor control. spring succeeds (dusk at cubist castle)
23. reduction agents. the pool (dance reduction agents)
24. pink floyd. vegetable man (7" single)
25. comets on fire. jaybird (avatar)
26. beat happening. indian summer (jamboree)
27. sonic youth. what a waste (rather ripped)
28. the sneaks. throwback (7" single)

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