Tuesday, May 30, 2006

i'm stuck in the gravitational pull - playlist

timmy dodgers is back to terrorise the airwaves with my brand spanking new you am i album for one night only (at the moment). i've missed you all and hope the feeling is mutual... tonight we rocked out to:

1. you am i. thuggery. convicts.
2. johnny cash. cocaine blues. folsom prision blues.
3. radiohead. open pick. live in copenhagen may 2006 - download from www.mortigi-tempo.com
4. tim easton. news blackout. ammunition.
5. walkmen. lost in boston. hundred miles off.
6. espers. cruel storm. espers 2.
7. jolie holland. springtime can kill you. springtime can kill you.
8. you am i. the sweet life. convicts.
9. morrissey. to me you are a work of art. ringleader of tormentors.
10. shearwater. seventy four, seventy five. palo santo.
11. david bowie. diamon dogs. diamond dogs.
12. twilight singers. forty dollars. powder burns.
13. panda bear. lullaby. yellow house. check out www.grizzly-bear.net for more mp3s.
14. lylas. tiny echoes. lessons for lovers.
15. oneida. up with people. happy new year (www.jagjaguwar.com/mp3.php)
16. the drones. this time. wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float by. (www.thedrones.com.au)
17. tv on the radio. province. return to cookie mountain.
18. diablo dimes. low n'screwed blues. gloria o'muerte EP. (www.dirtyfeet.org/diablo_dimes.htm)
19. wilco. i got you (at the end of the century). being there.
20. fiery furnaces. whistle rhapsody. bitter tea.
21. mogwai. we no here. mr beast.
22. you am i. i'm a mess. convicts.

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