Wednesday, September 06, 2006

it's like country music and rock combined, y'know? the ALT.COUNTRY SPECIAL

it's all about twanging goodness and long dusty roads tonight.
big hollah out to mr. timothy dodgers for spinning heaps of the tunes tonight!
massive respect brutha!

1. tim rogers & tex perkins. dinosaurs (my better half)
2. country mike. sloppy drunk (oh)
3. augie march. thin captain crackers (moo you bloody choir)
4. my morning jacket. nashville to kentucky (tennessee fire)
5. byrds. the christian life (sweetheart of the rodeo)
6. emmylou harris. wayfaring stranger (album)
7. calexico. not even stevie nicks (feast of wire)
8. crooked fingers. twilight creeps (dignity and shame)
9. gillian welch. caleb myer (hell amongst the yearlines)
10. m ward. requiem (post war)
11. jenny lewis. handle with care (rabbit furcoat)
12. marah. waly whitman bridge (demo)
13. edith frost. cars and parties (demo)*
14. songs:ohia. just be simple (magnolia electric co.)
15. jim white. borrowed wings (drill a hole in the substrate)
16. smog. drinking at the dam (a river ain't too much to love)
17. ryan adams. hard way to fall (jacksonville city lights)
18. palace bros. riding (there is none what will take care of you)
19. sparklehorse. mountains (dreamt for lightyears ... )
20. neko case. starwitness (fox confessor brings the flood)
21. be-good tanyas. the littlest sparrow (take us out for a spin)
22. lucinda williams. those three days (world without tears)
23. neil young. harvest (harvest)
24. john knee cash. god's gonna cut you down (american v)

*you can download this along with AN ENTIRE ALBUM of stuff, LEGALLY from here. OH YES!!!!

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