Tuesday, June 27, 2006

i will be yr accident if you will be my ambulance. playlist 27 june

1. arcade fire. neighbourhood #2 (laika) (funeral)
2. the 3ds. ice (the venus trail)
3. six organs of admittance. home (school of the flower)
4. sunset rubdown. i'll believe in anything (snake's got a leg ep)
5. metric. monster hospital (live it out)
6. fiery furnaces. i'm gonna run (gallowsbird's bark)
7. the moldy peaches. nyc's like a graveyard (s/t)
8. aberfeldy. someone like you (do whatever turns you on)
9. nick drake. parasite (pink moon)
10. the mountain goats. woke up new (get lonely)
11. broadcast. tears in the typing pool (tender buttons)
12. charalambides. dormant love (a vintage burden)
13. feathers. come around (s/t)
14. beirut. the white whale (gulag orkestar)
15. m. ward. deep dark well (transistor radio)
16. phoenix foundation. sally (horse power)
17. ariel pink. hardcore pops are fun (house arrest)
18. clap yr hands say yeah. graceful retreat (live) (kcrw session)
19. the clean. anything can happen (anthology)
20. matthew friedberger. up the river (winter women)
21. architecture in helsinki. fumble (fingers crossed)
22. os mutantes. baby (s/t)
23. my bloody valentine. only shallow (loveless)
24. comets on fire. holy teeth (avatar)
25. shellac. canaveral (1000 hurts)

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