Tuesday, December 12, 2006

awkward moments and bad jokes. playlist dec 12

1. the brunettes. holding hands feeding ducks (holding hands feeding ducks)
2. david kilgour. yenisei (the far now)
3. jeffrey & jack lewis. artland (city and eastern songs)

4. the figurines. the wonder (skeleton)
5. bird by snow. black elk in the mountains (sky)
6. low. if you were born today (song for little baby) (christmas ep)
7. slowdive. catch the breeze (just for a day)

8. los campesinos! you! me! dancing! (hold on now youngster)
9. magazine. permafrost (secondhand daylight)
10. frightened rabbit. go go girls (... sing the greys)
11. patrick wolf. accident & emergency (the magic position)

12. peter bjorn & john. objects of my affection (writer's block)
13. nick drake. road (pink moon)
14. foundry field recordings. buried beneath winter frames (prompts/miscues)
15. panda bear. carrots (excerpt) (panda bear/excepter 12" inch)

16. deerhoof. xmas tree (halfbird)
17. casiotone for the painfully alone. graceland (graceland)
18. these new puritans. elviss (demo)
19. xiu xiu. sad pony guerilla girl (a promise)
20. field music. in context (tones of town)

21. adrian orange. save the world (bitches is lord)
22. clap yr hands say yeah. underwater (you and me) (some loud thunder)
23. big black. big money (atomizer)
24. q and not u. nine things everybody knows (no kill no beep beep)
25. professor murder. the mountain (professor murder rides the subway ep)

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