Wednesday, May 10, 2006

five stars and two thumbs up (playlist 8/5/06)

1. flaming lips. kim's watermelon gun (clouds taste metallic)
2. tv on the radio. i was a lover (return to cookie mountain)
3. animal collective. slippi (here comes the indian)
4. sonic youth. reena (rather ripped)
5. pavement. summer babe (slanted and enchanted)
6. kill surf city. records of a flagpole (demo)
7. akron/family. running/returning (s/t)
8. danielson. cast it at the setting sail (ships)
9. architecture in helsinki. owls go (fingers crossed)
10. camera obscura. come back margaret (let's get out of this country)
11. mirah. look up! (c'mon miracle)
12. midlake. young bride (trials of van occupanther)
13. magnetic fields. i dont want to get over you (69 love songs)
14. figurines. the wonder (skeletn)
15. donovan. barabajanal (barabjanal)
16. bob dylan. maggie's farm (live) (no direction home ost)
17. bonnie prince billy. southside of the world (blue lotus feet ep)
18. sufjan stevens. springfield, or bobby got a shadfly... (avalanche)
19. scout niblett. kidnapped by neptune (kidnapped by neptune)
20. cat!cat!cat!. inspiration (demo)
21. the microphones. the glow, pt. 2 (the glow, pt. 2)
22. the go-betweens. streets of yr town (16 lovers lane)
23. jana hunter. new sane scramble (black unstaring heirs of doom)
24. mission of burma. ok/no way (vs.)
25. fugazi. do you like me (red medicine)
26. parts and labor. new buildings (stay afraid)


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, that was a fantastic first show! Well, that is, ofcourse, when one ignores the blatent misspelling of Barabajagal ... honestly, it's as if you find good english to be a difficult task. For shame.

dj rich rad said...

i'm sorry mr annoymous :(

please forgive us

also turns out barabajagal came out in 69 not 71 as I said on the show.

my mistake!

Anonymous said...

I'M LUVIN' IT!! richard you are da bomb!