Tuesday, October 03, 2006

sand is overrated it's just tiny rocks. playlist oct 3

1. enon. count sheep (high society)
2. trail of dead. gold heart mountain (so divided)
3. nina nastasia. treehouse song (on leaving)
4. sparklehorse. don't take my sunshine away (dreamt...)
5. donovan. mr wind (hms donovan)

6. peter bjorn & john. up against the wall (writer's block)
7. hidden cameras. awoo (awoo)
8. math & physics club. darling please come home (s/t)
9. broadcast. where youth & laughter go (future crayon)
10. sunset rubdown. us ones inbetween (shutup i'm dreaming)

11. wooden wand & the skyhigh band. bleeder (2nd attention)
12. a hawk & a hacksaw. god bless the ottoman empire (way the wind blows)
13. beirut. elephant gun (lon gisland ep)

14. pull tiger tail. animator (demo)
15. david bowie. sound and vision (low)
16. dananananakroyd. greater than symbol (demo)
17. ooioo. uma (taiga)
18. these new puritans. chamber (demo)

19. scott walker. cossacks are (the drift)
20. andrew bird. measuring cups (fingerlings 3)
21. white rainbow. guilded golden ladies (zome)
22. flotation toy warning. happy 13 (bluffer's guide to the flightdeck)

23. big black. passing complexion (atomizer)
24. coolies. holiday/vacation (demo)
25. sailboats are white. congratulations on the goddamn cherries (turbo!)
26. husker du. turn on the news (zen arcade)
27. guitar wolf. kung fu ramone (jet generation)

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Caleb Select said...

I've been loving Zen Arcade recently, and "turn on the news" is a highlight.