Monday, August 21, 2006

the title is this


only have a couple of things to report this week!
and they are: the shocking pinks final show this saturday at the dux! . word on the street is that they'll be playing tunes from dance the dance electric and also NEW STUFF?!!? kit from house of dolls/pig out is dj-ing, and it's all free. apparently nick is off to noo yoik to do some shit with DFA records so make sure you head along and wish him good luck and stuff.

saturday after that is a BENEFIT GIG FOR HEPATITIS C - at the media club. it features the chills, the renderers, charlie ash, pig out and coal. only ten bucks yo!

on the show tomorrow i will be playing a few traxx from the forthcoming DECEMBERISTS ALBUM the crane wife.

if yr quick you might be able to pick up a few MP3S from the album from red blondehead

anyway, to finish off - i was looking through this artbook today and i noticed there was an artist called devendra banhart AND yes indeed it is none other than our favourite freak-folker! take a look:


show TOMORROW NIGHT! you should tune in!



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