Tuesday, September 26, 2006

play indie rock if that's what you want. playlist sept 26

1. suburban kids with biblical names. loopduplicate my heart (3)
2. okkervil river. o dana (aust. tour ep)
3. shearwater. red sea black sea (palo santo)

4. pet politics. sunday morning (the spring ep)
5. howlin rain. show business (s/t)
6. swan lake. a venue called rubella (beast moans)
7. devotchka. venus in furs (curse yr little heart ep)

8. mestar. konked out (shut the squizwot factories down)
9. the late bp helium. rabbit's ear (amok)
10. orange juice. felicity (you can't hide yr love forever)
11. kinks. big sky (village green preservation society)
12. semifinalists. you said (s/t)

13. ride. kaliedoscope (nowhere)
14. my bloody valentine. never say goodbye (ecstasy and wine)
15. paleo. in the morning (2006 song diary) ***
16. damien jurado. hoquiam (and now that im in yr shadow)
17. peter & the wolf. safe travels (lightness)
18. swan lake. bluebird (beast moans)

19. xiu xiu. save me (the airforce)
20. yo la tengo. pass the hatchet i think i'm goodkind (i'm not afraid...)
21. witch. hand of glory (s/t)

22. sunn o))) and boris. akuma no kuma (altar)
23. shellac. my black ass (at action park)
24. les savy fav. hold onto yr genre (inches)
25. blood on the wall. get the fuck off my cloud (awesomer)

***his entire "song diary" can be downloaded here. CHECK IT ONE TWO

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Caleb Select said...

Big Sky.. interesting choice of song from that album. It's awesome, but I'd put Days, Do You Remember Walter, Johnny Thunder, Mr Songbird, Animal Farm, Picture Book, Village Green, Village Green Preservation Society, People Take Pictures Of Each Other, All Of My Friends Were There, Starstruck, Last of the Steam-Powered Trains all ahead of it. Wow, I just named 12 songs that would be the highlight of most bands' careers, and they can all be found on one album.

I urge everyone to get a hold of this album somehow, it's amazing.

Make sure you find all the songs though... the 15-track UK version leaves off Days and Mr Songbird, two of the very best songs Ray Davies ever wrote, and the 12-track US version leaves out 5 songs including "Big Sky" itself.