Tuesday, July 18, 2006

i know where syd barrett lives. playlist 18/july

1. shapes & sizes. wilderness (s/t)
2. icy demons. jump off (tears of a clone)
3. syd barrett. no good trying (the madcap laughs)
4. big star. mod lang (radio city)
5. thurston moore. ono soul (psychic hearts)
6. pavement. loretta's scars (slanted & enchanted)
7. skygreen leopards. mother the sun makesme cry (life & love in sparrow's meadow)
8. the weird weeds. one-eyed cloud (weird feelings)
9. peter & the wolf. people of the night (s/t)
10. m ward. post-war (post-war)
11. leonard cohen. diamonds in the mine (songs of love & hate)
12. matthew friedberger. ruth vs richard (winter women)
13. lawrence arabia. buisness planning (s/t)
14. johnny cash. love's been good to me (american v: lost highways)
15. panda bear. 5 (young prayer)
16. the mountain goats. new monster avenue (get lonely)
17. smog. teenage spaceship (knock knock)
18. grizzly bear. plans (yellow)
19. serena-maneesh. chorale lick (s/t)
20. deerhoof. the magnificent bird will rise (reveille)
21. tv on the radio. let the devil in (return to cookie mountain)
22. devendra banhart. lend me yr teeth (oh me oh my ...)
23. the jam. pretty green (sound affects)
24. black heart procession. broken world (amore del topico)
25. ted leo & the pharmacists.the great communicator (tyranny of distance)
26. mount eerie. the moan (no flashlight)

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