Sunday, May 14, 2006

her room is a rainy garden

my oh my has it been cold this weekend
not that i'm complaining though, because the old cliche of being warm inside while it's cold outside really is great. and i like rain because it cleanses everything (and one). it's also nice when you can keep warm inside while listening to some cool mp3s, eh?

you've probably noticed we've been playing stuff off the forthcoming tv on the radio album return to cookie mountain a lot, and that's because it's really awesome and cool and et cetera.
i personally think it is much better than their 2004 effort "desperate youth ... " which didn't grab me for some reason. it's definitely a contender for my end of year top 10.

this cool blog has two mp3s from the album up here. be in quick before they get taken down!

as an aside, tv on the radio will be in australia this july playing at the splendour in the grass festival, along with other awesomenesses such as brian wilson, sonic youth, clap your hands say yeah and the yeah yeah yeahs.
if someone has a bright idea on how we can trick them into thinking christchurch is a really awesome city with heaps of cool people that would go and see them, please tell me.

some random mp3s for your collection:
beirut - postcards from italy
danielson (OMG 9.1 HYPE! HYPE!) - did i step on yr trumpet?
the situationists - lost my narrative

and already another a low hum is around the corner. this one features disasteradio, kill surf city and voom. it's this coming friday (the 19th) with a 6-9 all ages at zebedees and r18 at the media club.

disasteradio seems really cool - it's a guy who uses heaps of samples and glitches and stuff. some tracks remind me of the advantage, vaguely. it's very danceable too apparently.
disasteradio - john delorean
kill surf city and voom are really cool also. am loving these two tracks by them at teh moment:

kill surf city - records of a flagpole

voom - b yr boy

the latter track is taken from voom's new album hello, are you there? which should be out soon on lil chief records (same with the reduction agents debut album)
so to finish offwhat has been a huge post, a video! it's mates of state with the first single from bring it back "fraud in the 80s"
(will try embed later when i've brushed up on my leet nerd skillz)

tune in on tuesday for TRUCKloads of new tunesz. no seriously i've got heaps !



Eric said...

Thanks for thinking my blog is "cool."

shea said...

Heh heh, no problem!