Tuesday, November 07, 2006

hey look! we're new york hipsters. playlist nov 7

1. herman dune. your name/my game (giant)
2. voxtrot. trouble (your biggest fan b-side)
3. the vaselines. you think yr a man (the way of the vaselines)

4. sparrow house. foxes (sighing like a furnace) (falls)
5. great lake swimmers. where in the world are you? (the sound the hare heard comp)
6. sparklehorse. it's not so hard (dreamt for lightyears in the belly of a mountain)
7. dark meat. angel of death (universal indians)
8. apples in stereo. 7 stars (new magnetic wonder)

9. of montreal. lysergic bliss (live daytrotter session)
10. the cosbys. speechin' (demo)
11. sebadoh. hassle (III reissue)
12. tim rogers & the temperance union. letter to gene (spit polish)
13. castanets. you are the blood (cathedral)
14. the tiger tones. be yr star (demo)
15. animal collective. people (people ep)

16. the curtains. tornado traveller's fear (calamity)
17. beat happening. tiger trap (you turn me on)
18. pavement. rattled by the rush (wowee zowee: sordid sentinels)
19. modern lovers. pablo picasso (s/t)

20. rolling stones. stop breaking down (exile on main street)
21. japanther. pleased to meet you (leather wings)
22. oneida. did i die (the wedding)
23. black flag. tv party (damaged)

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