Tuesday, October 31, 2006

in magic we did believe. playlist oct 31

1. beach house. apple orchard (s/t)
2. evangelicals. the halloween song (demo)
3. love is all. turn the tv off (nine times the same song)
4. the gun club. jack on fire (fire of love)
5. royal trux. i'm ready (accelerator)

6. crayon fields. do it first (animal bells)
7. holy shit. written all over yr face (stranded at two harbours)
8. calvin johnson. rabbit blood (before the dream faded)
9. benoit pioulard. palimend (precis)
10. annuals. the bull and the goat (be he me)

11. grizzly bear. fix it (horn of plenty)
12. the shins. australia (wincing the night away)
13. rusty santos. nation (the heavens)
14. minisnap. lucky stars (demo)

15. ryan mcphun & the ruby suns. maasai mara (s/t)
16. these new puritans. chamber (demo)
17. psychic ills. january rain (dins)
18. beat happening. bewitched (jamboree)

19. isobel campbell. willow's song (milkwhite sheets)
20. woelv. chanson pour la nuit (pamplemoussi)
21. hold steady. stuck between stations (boys & girls in america)
22. woods. silence is golden (how to survive in the woods)

23. the fall. my new house (this nations saving grace)
24. white magic. childhood song (dat rosa mel apibus)
25. les georges leningrad. mammal beats (sangue puro)
26. the misfits. night of the living dead

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