Tuesday, August 15, 2006

um yeah. playlist 15 august

1. beirut. postcards from italy (gulag orkestar)
2. samuel flynn-scott. it's a fact (hunt brings us life)
3. circulatory system. yesterday's world (s/t)
4. the curtains. green water (calamity)
5. half-handed cloud. earth outside of ghost... (halos & lassos)
6. sprites. i started a blog nobody read (modern gameplay)
7. grizzly bear. on a neck, on a spit (yellow house)
8. sparklehorse. mountains (dreamt for lightyears in the belly of mountain)
9. peter & the wolf. strange machines (experiments in junk)
10. bruce springsteen. old dan tucker (we shall overcome)
11. wooden wand. rolling one sun blues (second attention)
12. badly drawn boy. born in the uk (born in the uk)
13. guided by voices. echos myron (bee thousand)
14. jakob. semaphore (semaphore)
15. spiritualized. electricity (ladies and gentlemen ...)
16. espers. moon occults the sun (espers ii)
17. +/-. steal the blueprints (let's build a fire)
18. beck. i get lonesome (one foot in the grave)
19. i'm from barcelona. we're from barcelona (let me introduce my friends)
20. destroyer. painter in your pocket (destroyers rubies)
21. jens lekman. sweet summers night on hammer hill (oh, your so silent jens)
22. love. the red telephone (forever changes)
23. viva voce. from the devil himself (get yr blood sucked out)
24. the shocking pinks. victims (mathematical warfare)
25. afghan whigs. debonair (live) (gentleman)
26. the mint chicks. welcome to nowhere (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)

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