Tuesday, December 05, 2006

take however long you want. playlist dec 5

1. our brother the native. apodiformes (tooth and claw)
2. annuals. bleary eyed (be he me)
3. charalambides. spring (a vintage burden)

4. yo la tengo. the race is on again (i'm not afraid of you and i will beat yr ass)
5. durutti column. sketch for summer (the return of the durutti column)
6. deerhoof. the perfect me (friend opportunity)
7. buzzcocks. promises (singles going steady)
8. patrik fitzgerald. safety pin stuck in my heart (7" single)

9. chocolate usa. untitled (smoke machine)
10. uzi and ari. asleep in armor (it is freezing out)
11. jens lekman. boisa-bis-o-boisa (dept. of forgotten songs demo)
12. the ghosts. penny falls (blue birds blood)
13. flying canyon. in the reflection (s/t)

14. danananakroyd. totally bone (7" single)
15. indian jewelery. lesser snake (invasive exotics)
16. jeff buckley. kick out the jams (live)
17. the robot ate me. kept our hands warm (they ate themselves)
18. my latest novel. learning lego (wolves)

19. the shivers. kisses (charades)
20. m ward. helicopter (transfiguation of vincent)
21. pink nasty. what the fuck (mule school)
22. beulah. sunday under glass (when yr heartstrings break)
23. unwound. december (leaves turn inside you)

24. my bloody valentine. never say goodbye (ecstasy & wine)
25. old time relijun. chemical factory (2012)
26. les georges leningrad. mammal beats (sangue puro)
27. aids wolf. spit tastes like metal (the lovvers lp)
28. the melvins. hooch (houdini)

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