Tuesday, May 16, 2006

west coast maximalism (playlist 16/05/2006)

1. of montreal. lysergic bliss (satanic panic in the attic)
2. the horror the horror. all i can do (s/t)
3. m. ward. big boat (transistor radio)
4. songs: ohia. just be simple (magnolia electric co.)
5. okkervil river. endswith a fall (down the river of broken dreams)
6. jens lekman. you are the light (when i said i wanted to be yrdog)
7. devendra banhart. support our troops o (split 7" single)
8. the foundry field recordings. buried beneath winter frames (prompts/miscues)
9. ryan mcphun & the ruby suns. criterion (s/t)
10. belle & sebastian. the life pursuit (b-side blues are still blue)
11. the zombies. butcher's tale (odessey & oracle)
12. the futureheads. back to the sea (news & tributes)
13. brian jonestown massacre. jesus (their satanic majesties second request)
14. the modern lovers. roadrunner (s/t)
15. viking moses. delighted (crosses)
16. guided by voices. alright (alien lanes)
17. dirty projectors. my off-white flag (the glad fact)
18. comets on fire. wild whiskey (blue cathedral)
19. the beatles. tomorrow neverknows (revolver)
20. danielson. time that bald sexton (ships)
21. the minus 5. cigarettes coffee and booze (gun album)
22. eric's trip. spring (love tara)
23. the walkmen. louisiana (a hundred miles off)
24. king loser. troubled land (caul of the outlaw)
25. forward russia. fifteen part 1 (give me a wall)

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