Tuesday, August 01, 2006

at least we're cool on the internet. playlist aug 1

1. animal collective. we tigers (sung tongs)
2. the dears. ticket to immorality (gang of losers)
3. margot & the nuclear so & sos. skeleton key (dust of retreat)
4. wilco. my darling (summerteeth)
5. thanksgiving. you belong (to the blood) (cave days and moments)
6. the black keys. modern times (magic potion)
7. bob dylan. ballad of the thin man (highway 61 revisited)
8. m. ward. to go home (post-war)
9. the brunettes. boyracer (the boyracer ep)
10. the sprites. george romero (modern gameplay)
11. of montreal. tulip baroo (the gay parade)
12. the pipettes. judy (we are the pipettes)
13. elephant parade. riding in yr car (bedroom recordings cdr)
14. matt friedberger. pennsylvania rock oil co (winter women)
15. mountain goats. wild sage (get lonely)
16. jolie holland. crush in the ghetto (springtime can kill you)
17. entrance. prayer of death (prayer of death)
18. bonnie "prince" billy. strange form oflife (the letting go)
19. damon and naomi. in the sun (playback singers)
20. death in vegas. girls (scorpio rising)
21. akron/family. afford (s/t)
22. guillemots. annie, lets not wait (through the windowpane)
23. the liars. be quiet mt heart attack! (dums not dead)
24. ¡forward, russia! seventeen (give me a wall)
25. velvet underground. waiting for the man (s/t & nico)
26. blood on the wall. get the fuck off my cloud (awesomer)
27. the mint chicks. she's back on crack (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)

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