Tuesday, September 19, 2006

was yr face a head in the pillowcase. playlist sept 19

1. page france. chariot (hello, dear wind)
2. peter bjorn and john. young folks (writer's block)
3. okkervil river. the president's dead (aust. tour ep)

4. new sound of numbers. you'll be singing (liberty seeds)
5. magnetic fields. i wish i had an evil twin (i)
6. of montreal. she's a rejector (hissing fauna are you the destroyer)
7. the beatles. rain (b-side paperback writer)
8. 13th floor elevators. fire engine (psychedelic sounds)

9. wilderness. arkless (s/t)
10. sparklehorse. ghost in the sky (dreamt for lightyears in belly...)
11. his name is alive. in my name (detrola)
12. lush. for love (spooky)

13. jackie o motherfucker. rockaway (flags of the sacred harp)
14. explosions in the sky. long spring (how strange, innocence)
15. arab strap. cherubs (elephant shoe)
16. yo la tengo. the room got heavy (i'm not afraid of you ... )

17. the gladeyes. one million kisses (heart full of love ep)
18. danielson. i'm slow but i'm sloppy (7" single)
19. jennifer gentle. i do dream you (valende)
20. mint chicks. crazy?yes!dumb?no! (crazy?yes!dumb?no!)

21. casiotone for the painfully alone. young shields (etiquette)
22. les savy fav. one way widow (inches)
23. joy division. she's lost control (unknown pleasures)
24. parts and labor. springtime hibernation (stay afraid)

25. the ruby suns. there are birds (sea lion)

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