Tuesday, May 02, 2006

there's a feeling on the road tonight... playliszt may 02

1. radiohead. 2+2=5. hail to the thief.
2. chris morris. bushwacked2. www.thesmokehammer.com.
3. violent femmes. add it up. s/t
4. white stripes. black math. elephant.
5. devo. sloppy (i saw my baby getting). q: are we not devo a: we are men
6. animal collective. who could win a rabbit. sung tongs.
7. asobi seksu. thursday. citrus.
8. you am i.who put the devil in you. deliverance.
9. sonic youth. reena, rather ripped.
10. okkervil river. for real. black sheep boy.
11. wilco. my darling. summerteeth.
12. elliott smith. pitseleh. x/o.
13. sufian stevens. dear mister supercomputer. avalanche (outtakes and extras)
14. bonnie billy. nomadic revery. i see a darkness.
15. pet politics. the cold wind blows. in my head ep.
16. sebadoh. on fire. harmacy.
17. jesus & mary chain/ mazzy star. sometimes always. sometimes always ep.
18. devendra banhart. fall. rejoicing in the hands.
19. beirut. mount wroclai (idle days). gulag orkestra.
20. lemonheads. rudderless. it's a shame about ray.
21. deerhoof. the magnificient bird will rise. reveille.
22. pavement. grave architecture. wowee zowee.
23. david bowie. be my wife. low.
24. the drones. this time. wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float by.
25. tim rogers. the mess. spit polish.

see ya suckers.

timmy dodgers.

shea indie jr and richard 2 in the studio next week for gat mediah - the next generation.

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res said...

no more timmy???