Tuesday, August 29, 2006

this is yr last chance to be famous. playlist aug 29

1. jens lekman. you are the light (when i said i wanted to be yr dog)
2. polyphonic spree. sonic bloom (wait ep)
3. brightblack morning light. friend of time (s/t)
4. snowden. between the rent and me (anti-anti)
5. bishop allen. click click click click (july ep)
6. the gordons. spick and span (gordons first album)
7. the raincoats. fairytale in the supermarket (s/t)
8. half-japanese. bright lights, big city (charmed life)
9. the cure. why can't i be you (live) (kissmekissmekissme deluxe)
10. andrew bird. nervous tic motion... (mysterious production of eggs)
11. pajo. let it be me (1968)
12. castanets. three days three nights (cathedral)
13. the crayon fields. living so well (animal bells)
14. haints of dean hall. in the golden age (s/t)
15. pinback. loro (s/t)
16. kings of convenience. singing softly to me (quiet is the new loud)
17. blood brothers. 1,2,3,4 guitars (young machetes)
18. frog eyes. 1 in 6 children will flee (the golden river)
19. tap tap. way to go, boy (lanzafame)
20. man man. english bwudd (six demon bag)
21. lightspeed champion. waiting game (demo)
22. eric's trip. my chest is empty (forever again)
23. clinic. family (visitations)
24. the thermals. a pillar of salt (the body the blood the machine)
25. the mint chicks. funeral day (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)

edit: fixed!

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