Monday, June 19, 2006

now flames are licking at yr feet

HEY sorry the blog has been kinda neglected lately! i'll try do a big awesome update sometime next week with heaps of mp3s and shit!

ok so this post is mainly concerned with cool gigs that are coming up in the next month-or-so that you should know about and then go to!

- a low hum on friday is going to be ACE! the sneaks, shaky hands + thought creature. 10pm at the jetset lounge. be there.
- then on saturday you can catch minisnap upstairs at the dux. this is the side project of the bats with kaye woodward on lead vocals. and they're really good.

- thursday july 6th you can catch pig out at the dux
- friday july 7th, the dukes at the dux

- thursday july 13th at the wunderbar is australian electro outfit casionova. this should be really awesome
- friday july 14th at the media club is lawrence arabia of the reduction agents fame. this should also be really awesome as well !
- saturday july 15th is the renderers at the dux!

whoa, that's pretty awesome huh. by christchurch standards anyway! (see here for ultimate awesomeness)

tomorrow night we are going to be having a vague "2006: best of" show so tune in if you wanna know what's been cool so far this year, and what's going to be cool.

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