Tuesday, June 20, 2006

thought I better do this

Hello everybody your new pal RICHARD (not the old one don't get confused now) is here to spread the gospel and introduce himself via blogg!

I've been on the show like a month and a half or something and i've recently got a hold of a computer that I can use whenever I want. My own beautiful computer! This means sweet blog entires coming out the wazoo!

Fingers crossed.

It's like magic.

First up i'll hook you up with a free EP by the excellent Austin, Tx band the Weird Weeds.
click here to check it outtt.
This EP is great. I love it. It is soft and experimental and folky and fun. I think it was released earlier this year or something, so i'm probably posting this late but who cares? It's free. Stop complaining.

Also what's the deal with Becks album One Foot in the Grave? That album's awesome. It makes me sad how underrated it is.


ps: remember to check out our sweet as myspace page located at http://www.myspace.com/guitarmedia

pps: i'll get better on the show promise. promise.


Emma J. said...

The incredible sincerity of your pps leaves me no option but to welcome you into my Tuesdays with open arms ... or ears, depending on how technical you want to get. Welcome to you new, improved Richard - To you and your wazoo.

Ps: You don't need to get any better, I promise. You totally rock out, so much more than young Shea. Promise.

dj rich rad said...

thanks for the kind words!

I wish I could rock out even half as much as shea.


and that's like a prerequisite to rocking out

*may or may not be a lie

richard said...

i like the old richard better...


he was coolz

Emma J. said...

Oh boy, I bet old Richard could make the devil, rockin' out hand thing. I mean, what kind of alt-country enthusiast can't morph his hand into such a compromising position?
Old Richard was pretty coolz I suppose.

Anyway, that's dreadful, but at least you have forefingers ... opposable digits are for weirdos and apes anyway.

Perhaps you should just hang 'round after your show - The Cacophony guys will be more than pleased to teach you properly, I'm sure.

(Advice given on the basis that you would never lie about being crippled to your adoring public)

Have a great day.

shea said...

yo richard - did you mean "the weird weeds"?. or are "the weed weirds" a really indie side project or something? heh heh!

dj rich rad said...

haha oh jesus

thanks for pointing it out man

freudian slip!

not really.

SIMONE said...


also adoring public, what what?!