Saturday, May 27, 2006

it's an 80s celebration

hey readerz

just a few things of note:

firstly, and very excitingly matador records has just put up a track from the forthcoming yo la tengo album, which is hilariously entitled i am not afraid of you and i will kick your ass (seriously!). the track's called "beanbag chair" and is quite nice really. it's one of those light, airy poppy yo la tengo tracks.

yo la tengo - beanbag chair


deerhoof (coolest band EVAR!) have put up a free! downloadable! ep! on their website. features live tracks, and covers of my bloody valentine, the beatles and canned heat! cool eh

deerhoof - untitled ep


a gig which i should tell you about. playing are jessica something jewish (from the US) and alps from (australia). they are playing two gigs. one this coming friday at the media club, and one on saturday at zEbEdEeS. they both have the electro pop synth thang going on so they should be fun nights!

P.S. the reduction agents debut the dance reduction agents was released, er, a few days ago(?) and it's REALLY good. go down to galaxy records and buy it. or you out of chchers go here (you can listen to mp3 samples of each song there)

P.P.S. we are doing an POP special on tuesday. indie, twee, psychadelic, folk. all the cool pops. you should probably tune in.

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