Tuesday, November 14, 2006

don't give up on yr dreams, buddy! playlist nov 14

1. mestar. silversong (shut the squizwot factories down)
2. the mint chicks. don't turn me on ... (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)
3. asobi seksu. thursday (citrus)
4. nagisa ni te. river (the same as a flower)

5. explosions in the sky. a poor man's memory (those who tell the truth...)
6. the cure. a forest (seventeen seconds)
7. microphones. bass drum dream (song islands)

8. deerhoof. +81 (friend opportunity)
9. panda bear. comfy in nautica (7" single)
10. swan lake. are you swimming in her pools (beast moans)
11. sparrow house. when i am gone (falls ep)

12. 14 iced bears. like a dolphin (in the beginning)
13. chas. mtn. mothure (hugs)
14. augie march. mother greer (moo, you bloody choir)
15. tom waits. road to peace (orphans)

16. art brut. nag nag nag nag (new single)
17. deerhoof. believe esp (friend opportunity)
20. apples in stereo. beautiful machine pts 3-4 (new magnetic wonder)
21. department of eagles. sailing at night (whitey on the moon)
22. another sunny day. anorak city (london weekend)

23. mt. gigantic. dip into my daddy (old smiler)
24. mastodon. bladecatcher (blood mountain)
25. die! die! die!. i wanna (locust weeks ep)


Anonymous said...

You never did play Fergie


Anonymous said...

your mum played Fergie