Sunday, October 22, 2006

we'll come back for indian summer

ok so here is some really exciting news! as those of you who live here will be aware, we haven't had a good international act this year since the mountain goats played in april (sorry, i don't like inxs) and thankfully the drought is soon to end!

on the 10th of november christchurch will be graced with indie legend calvin johnson, founder of k records, solo artist, and member of beat happening, the halo benders and heaps of other awesome stuff!!!
and as if this wasn't cool enough, he's also going to be playing with woelv - a female solo artist from canada (also signed to k records) who is married to mr. phil elverum from mount eerie/the microphones (could possibly be making an appearance?! maybe?!)!
they're going to be joined by lovely local indie pop group minisnap (a side project of the bats with kaye woodward on vocals)

so yeah it's all happening on the 10th of november which is a friday. the venue hasn't been finalised yet but it's going to be all ages so will be either at the penthouse in town or at zebedees.
this is going to be an amazing night so we hope to see you ALL THERE! stay tuned to the show/blog/myspace for more details - we'll also be giving away some tickets to the gig!

P.S. we are having a covers special this week! if you have any suggestions or requests email us or leave a comment.
P.P.S. on the 30th of october rdu 98.5 fm is getting a live internet stream so ANYONE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD will now be able to tune into guitar media! exciting, we know!

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