Tuesday, October 10, 2006

this ain't no picnic. playlist oct 10

1. david thomas broughton. ambiguity (complete guide to insufficiency)
2. jeff tweedy. so much wine (butterfly) (live @ rocky mountain folk fest)
3. bob dylan. love minus zero/no limit (bringing it all back home)

4. evangelicals. another day (and yr still knocked out) (so gone)
5. mirah. pure (songs from the black mountain music project)
6. the winks. guitar swing (birthday party)
7. jeffrey & jack lewis. williamsburg will oldham horror (city & eastern songs)
8. the curtains. the thousandth face (calamity)

9. panda bear. bros (edit) (fat cat records sampler)
10. the blow. parentheses (paper television)
11. drakkar sauna. teach me yr legs (jabraham lincoln)
12. flowers from the man who shot yr cousin. happy things (hapless)

13. sean lennon. dead meat (friendly fire)
14. tv on the radio. tonight (return to cookie mountain)
15. silver jews. send in the clouds (american water)
16. math & physics club. cold as minnesota (s/t)

17. the robot ate me. bloody knife #1 (good world)
18. pere ubu. the fabulous sequel (new picnic time)
19. robert pollard. supernatural car lover (normal happiness)
20. lawrence arabia. business planning (s/t)

21. the jesus lizard. fly on the wall (down)
22. the jam. set the house ablaze (sound affects)
23. lightning bolt. captain caveman (hypermagic mountain)
24. death from above 1979. blood on our hands (yr a woman i'm a machine)
25. mc5. ramblin' rose (kick out the jams)

c u @ mixtape lololol!!!

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