Tuesday, June 06, 2006

wiity/ironic title to come. the POP! special 6/6/06 !!

1. the magnetic fields. when my boy walks down the street (69 love songs)
2. stars. the first five times (set yourself on fire)
3. of montreal. tim wish you were born a girl (cherry peel)
4. the aislers set. the red door (the last match)
5. jens lekman. black cab (oh yr so silent jens)
6. belle and sebastian. get me away i'm dying (if yr feeling sinister)
7. the brunettes. you beautiful militant (mars loves venus)
8. wolfie. hey it's finally yay (awful mess mystery)
9. apples in stereo. ruby (her wallpaper reverie)
10. tullycraft. molly's got a crush on us (disenchanted hearts unite)
11. the blow. jet ski accidents (bonus album)
12. sambassadeur. new moon (s/t)
13. the tall dwarfs. meet the beatle (the sky above the mud below)
14. the reduction agents. waiting for yr love (the dance reduction agents)
15. the zombies. care of cell 44. (odessey and oracle)
16. the beatles. you won't see me (rubber soul)
17. the chills. dole drums (7" single)
18. oh no! oh my! walk in the park (s/t)
19. camera obscura. suspended from class (underachievers please try harder)
20. math & physics club. movie ending romance (movie ending romance ep)
21. architecure in helsinki. do the whirlwind (incase we die)
22. the boy least likely to. rock upon a porch with you (b-side)
23. olivia tremor control. holiday surprise 1, 2, 3 (dusk at cubist castle)
24. the kinks. the last of the steam-powered trains (village green preservation)
25. mirah. person person (you think it's like this but really it's like this)
26. envelopes. sister in love (demon)
27. pine. sunroom (long player)
28. deerhoof. dummy discards a heart (apple o')
29. ariel pink. let's build a campfire there (the doldrums)
30. the sneaks. kuzai (heart you girl) (7" single)

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