Tuesday, August 08, 2006

not as goth as they say we are. playlist 8 aug

1. olivia tremor control. sleepy company (black foliage)
2. sunset rubdown. they took a vote an said no (shut up i'm dreaming)
3. jason anderson. hold on (new england)
4. BOAT. lanterns & laughing ladies (songs you might not like)
5. neutral milk hotel. bucket (demo 1)
6. midlake. young bride (trials of van occupanther)
7. cat power. red apple (the covers record)
8. bonnie prince billy. the seedling (the letting go)
9. feathers. old black hat with a dandelion flower (s/t)
10. tv on the radio. wash the day away (return to cookie mountain)
11. sebadoh. the freed pig (III)
12. slowdive. 40 days (souvlaki)
13. metallic falcons. snakes and he (desert doughnuts)
14. swan lake. all fires (beast moans)
15. the robot ate me. apricot tea (on vacation)
16. say hi to your mom. these fangs (impeccable blahs)
17. city city city. perimeter motorshow (perimeter motorshow)
18. lavendar diamond. you broke my heart (calvary of light ep)
19. tap tap. come on feet (lanzafame)
20. slint. breadcrumb trail (spiderland)
21. the rolling stones. happy (exile on main st.)
22. david bowie. moon-age daydream (rise and fall of ziggy stardust)
23. comets on fire. holy teeth (avatar)

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PSY/OPSogist said...

I was wondering if you might want to check out an EP I did of downbeat/atmospheric stuff put together using samples from the Zaireeka 4 cd set and voice samples from the Fearless Freaks doc. The rest of the music is by me.
There are 2 versions for downoad

1-A mp3 vesion of each track

2-One long mp3 of all the track together (I hate moments of silence between songs)

Let me know what you think if you get the time.