Wednesday, July 19, 2006

song for lonely giants

HI well i hope you all enjoyed the show last night, i thought it was pretty awesome IF I DON'T SAY SO MYSELF!

can't remember if i mentioned this last night, so i'll post it here... next thursday (the 27th) is this cool thing called ACOUSTIC BISCUIT.

basically it involves four christchurch bands - the bats, pine, the undercurrents and atlas - playing nice intimate acoustic sets which are getting FILMED to be put on TELEVISION!
the cool thing is - it's going to be in the isaac theatre royal which will mean great acoustics and atmosphere. tickets are $20 from ticketek. big ups to gorilla pictures and maiden records for putting this on - it should be an awesome night!

THEN the next night you can head down to capitol bar for the mixtape connection 1st birthday party!

the party features live act coco solid (auckland) and 5 1/2 mins from chch. per usual dr hitchcock, missy g and indie slut will be mixing up the wicked shit on the decks so make sure yr there!
and don't forget about drink discounts and free mix cds for all RDUnited members!!!!!

lastly i'd like to bring to yr attention the newly released cd "lanzafame" by british act tap tap
(from catbird records):"Tap Tap is a fine lad from London called Thomas, and I have a hard time accurately describing what this record sounds like, though some friends of ours did describe the disc as "a gloriously messy, ebullient, shiny pop album."
the cd's being put out by catbird records - which is also a really awesome mp3 blog catbirdseat. here's the dealio on the new cd
"Lanzafame comes in 2 different editions: there's the regular edition, which comes in a really nice standard jewel-case sort of packaging, and then, there's also the limited (200) edition, which comes in a book-style case, hand-covered/boundin bookcloth, with a 3 song bonus CD."
i've only heard this first track, 100, 000 songs but if the rest of the album is this good then the album is bound to be really really good!

pick up the album here!


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