Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the big day out lineup is shit

ok so for some reason i was kind of vaguely optimistic that the big day out festival next year would be cool. after all, this year's was awesome (iggy and the stooges, go! team, sleater-kinney etc.) and they tend to have at least a few good bands each year (the flaming lips and wilco come to mind).
the 2007 festival, however, looks set to be the worst ever. i think perhaps the organisers received an anonymous tip-off that "people are really into seeing shit bands".
even with the knowledge that tool (possibly the worst band in the world) were headlining, i naively thought that the festival could be resurrected with 3 or 4 cool international acts. instead we are given muse, the killers, my chemical romance, aaaaaaaaand JET! (whose new album was summed up hilariously by pitchfork). what the hell? do the organisers not realise that all four of these bands are the biggest jokes in modern music? no respectable music fan or publication even takes them seriously. in fact, my chemical romance for instance, are so amazingly terrible that even talking about how bad they are is kind of void because it just goes without saying.
even if the second announcement is awesome (which, i think is safe to say, will not be) you will still have to occupy the same area as thousands of tool fans and resisiting the urge to smack each one in the face will inevitably be a hard task.
big day out 2007 is lame. go to camp a low hum instead.


Caleb Select said...

To be fair, I heard Muse are quite good live. The guy who presses play is awesome.

The only decent bands are NZ ones (though the Veils aren't based here).

Anonymous said...

camp low hum - hell yes ;)