Thursday, September 07, 2006

and now that i'm in yr shadow

PART TWO of the strange 3 part series of advertisements for the forthcoming bonnie prince billy album, the letting go (out september 19 on drag city)

if you missed part one, check it out here

this weekend make sure you head to the dux both nights (around 9pm-11:30ish) to catch the semifinals of the rdu RounDUp band competition! to check the timetables click here

on a random note - i was reading somewhere that ryan mcphun and the ruby suns are headlining the october a low hum tour. so that's something to look forward to!
also - the first announcement for the big day out is apparently the 4th of october. fingers crossed those tool/muse rumours don't come true!

tune in on tuesday for some cool tunez - new joanna newsom! and heaps of other new stuff as well, probably!

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