Tuesday, December 19, 2006

i can't dance a single step

well just incase you hadn't heard already, next year on february 10th the absolutely incredible harpist joanna newsom will be performing in christchurch along with ex-new zealand folk musician smog (bill callahan).

the gig is happening at the harbour light theatre in lyttelton - a fantastic venue which is without a doubt the most suitable place for a concert such as this. tickets are available from real groovy and ticketmaster.
this will inevitably be the best show of 2007 so do not miss out!

here are a few videos of interest:

smog & joanna newsom: rock bottom riser

joanna newsom: swansea

joanna newsom: cosmia

tonight is gonna be a big show - TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE YEAR, and the week after that TOP 5 SONGS OF THE YEAR. if yr on myspace post yr own top 10s/5s on our blog at www.myspace.com/guitarmedia but if not feel free to post them in the comment sections here.

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