Tuesday, October 17, 2006

playlist 17th october

1. skygreen leopards. disciples of california (disciples of california)
2. califone. spider's house (roots & crowns)
3. the weird weeds. tupper (weird feelings)
4. bishop allen. like castanets (september ep)

5. david thomas broughton. something in yr drine (tour ep)
6. dear nora. emily (there is no more)
7. broken social scene. 7/4 shoreline (s/t)
8. mestar. rosalie starfish (shut the squizwot factories down)

9. gay against you. telerad (muscle milk)
10. the winks. nolan ryan (birthday party)
11. nagisa ni te. anxiety (dream sounds)
12. they go boom!! woody allen (7" single)

13. pink floyd. the gnome (piper at the gates of dawn)
14. destroyer. breakin' the law (we'll build them a golden bridge)
15. little wings. be my baby (7" single)
16. peter and the wolf. the highway (lightness)
17. skygreen leopards. broken sparrow (sing the songs of linder bros)

18. marah. the closer (if you didn't laugh you'd cry)
19. iron & wine. woman king (woman king ep)
20. the drones. i don't ever want to change (gala mill)
21. jracula. carpopolis (demo)

22. badly drawn boy. welcome to the overground (born in the uk) - sort of?
23. the dirty projectors. fucked for life (new attitude ep)
24. jarvis. black magic (jarvis)
25. coughs. quagmire (secret passage)
26. the minutemen. it's expected i'm gone (double nickels on the dime)

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