Tuesday, July 04, 2006

cheer up cheer up cheer up. playlist 4/7/06

1. neutral milk hotel. naomi (on avery island)
2. frog eyes. caravan breakers (daytrotter session)
3. apples in stereo. strawberryfire (her wallpaper reverie)
4. fiery furnaces. south is only a home (gallowsbird's bark)
5. little wings. boom! (like green leaves)
6. grizzly bear. lullabye (yellow house)
7. syd barret. gigolo aunt (barret)
8. liars. mr yr on fire mr (they threw us in a trench and stuck a monument on top)
9. the books. take time (lemon of pink)
10. guillemots. made up love song #43 (through the window pane)
11. bonnie prince billy. blokbuster (summer in the southeast)
12. iron & wine. the night descending (sea and rhythm ep)
13. wooden wand. eagle claw (harem of the sundrum & witness figg)
14. big star. feel (#1 record)
15. the beatles. taxman (revolver)
16. velvet underground. rock & roll (loaded)
17. nick cave & the bad seeds. curse of millhaven (murderballads)
18. spoon. jonathon fisk (kill the moonlight)
19. clinic. cement mixer (7" single)
20. death from above 1979. going steady (yr a woman im a machine)
21. joy division. disorder (unknown pleasures)
22. elliott smith. ballad of big nothing (either/or)
23. chris knox. the woman inside of me (seizure)
24. the curtains. go lucky (calamity)
25. daniel johnston. casper the friendly ghost (yip/jump music)
26. the mathletes. i hate bright eyes (a battle rhyme) (jest/earnest)

oops forgot yo la tengo. next week promise. ok thx!


Anonymous said...

Lovin that guillemots song. Awesome playlist guys :) Tash

richard said...

good to see yr playing the hitz. im going to see the fiery furnaces this saturday. maybe i wil try and take some snaps!