Tuesday, July 25, 2006

it's the 80s special! (25 july)

1. beat happening. bewitched (jamboree)
2. chris knox. grand mahl (seizure)
3. the cure. pictures of you (disintegration)
4. yo la tengo. barnaby, hardly working (president yo la tengo)
5. xtc. grass (skylarking)
6. galaxie 500. blue thunder (on fire)
7. my bloody valentine. nothng much to lose (isn't anything)
8. the clean. platypus (tally ho! b-side)
9. the bats. treason (daddy's highway)
10. daniel johnston. walking the cow (hi how are you?)
11. jesus & mary chain. justlike honey (psychocandy)
12. spacemen 3. take me to the otherside (perfect precision)
13. violent femmes. gone daddy gone (s/t)
14. the chills. the weird world (kaliedoscope world)
15. the cure. just like heaven (kiss me kiss me kiss me)
16. david bowie. fashion (scary monsters)
17. the smiths. stop me if you've heard this one before (strangeways)
18. echo & the bunnymen. rescue (crocodiles)
19. sea urchins. pristine christine (7" single 1987)
20. tall dwarfs. nothing's going to be happen (three songs ep)
21. the feelies. original love (crazy rhythms)
22. half japanese. firecracker firecracker (sing no evil)
23. dinosaur jr. little fury things (you're living all over me)
24. sonic youth. silver rocket (daydream nation)
25. husker du. something i learned today (zen arcade)

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