Tuesday, November 18, 2008

playlist november 18

1. cat power. the coat is always on [what would the community think?]
2. mythical beast. eyes in space [scales]

3. bird by snow. you are mom [song bread/another ocean]
4. the barbaras. flow [summertime road 7"]
5. no age. intimate descriptions [teen creeps b-side]

6. nodzzz. i have bad news [nodzzz]
7. sun araw. horse steppin [beach head]
8. air france. beach party [on trade winds]

9. the blithe sons. try to find memory in a dark room [the great orthochromatic wheel]
10. panda bear. i'm not (phaseone remix) [phaseone remixes]
11. ducktails. the mall [ducktails ii]

12. high places. oceanus [split 7" with xiu xiu]
13. fire on fire. sirocco [the orchard]
14. nodzzz. i can't wait [nodzzz]

15. juliana barwick. untitled 4 [sanguine]
16. eric copeland. corn on the cob [alien in a garbage dump]
17. city center. killer whale [forthcoming]
18. salem. haffa [fuckt demos]

19. slowdive. she called [morning rise ep]
20. valerio cosi. hoboland [collected works]
21. sonic youth. death to our friends [evol]
22. raccoo-oo-oon. untitled [s/t]

23. wondercastle. leave you [demo]


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shea said...

hey thanks! we love our listeners and we h8 studying too!

mattatat said...

do we have to call get set play wondercastle now? it's cut off yr handz all over again.