Tuesday, February 19, 2008

that's why we're running away. playlist feb 19

1. volcano! fire fire [beautiful seizure]

2. team robespierre. 88th precinct [everything's perfect]
3. beat happening. our secret [s/t]
4. new order. ceremony [ceremony 12"]

5. wild birds and peace drums. doubt/hope [heartcore]
6. icy demons. miami ice [miami ice]
7. robert pollard. gratification to concrete [robert pollard is off to business]

8. el guincho. antillas [alegranza]
9. sam amidon. saro [all is well]
10. the radio dept. against the tide [lesser matters]

11. valet. we went there [naked acid]
12. religious knives. it's hot [it's after dark]
13. wounded knee. anthem for the call centre worker [s/t]

14. high places. sandy feat [03/07-09/07]
15. rollin hunt. the bum [demo]
16. spectrum. touch the stars [soul kiss (glide divine)]

17. flying saucer attack. come & close my eyes [further]
18. broken social scene. stars and sons [you forgot it in people]
19. our brother the native. we are the living [make amends for we are merely vessels]

20. crystal castles. good time [s/t]
21. imaad wasif. wanderlasting [strange houses]
22. the coathangers. shut the fuck up [s/t]
23. foot village. protective nourishment [friendship nation]

24. lawrence arabia. young crew [demo]

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