Friday, June 27, 2008

The Wire, 27 June 2008 Playlist

1. Sic Alps. Everywhere, There [U.S. Ez]
2. Women. Shaking Hands [Women]
3. Dan Friel. Ghost Town (Part Two) [Ghost Town]
4. Girls. Hellhole Ratrace [Girls]
5. Pink Skull. Unicorn Harpoon [Unicorn Harpoon EP]
6. Girl Talk. Still Here [Feed the Animals]
7. ABX. Anthemillas []
8. The War on Drugs. Taking the Farm [Wagonwheel Blues]
9. Animal Collective. Bearhug [Live at Hove Festival June 23]
10. High Places. Golden [High Places]
11. Abe Vigoda. Hyacinth Grrls [Skeleton]
12. Tiger Tones. Giorgio, What Have You Done [Tiger Tones]

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