Tuesday, September 16, 2008

she's got the longest hair. playlist 16th september

1. david byrne & brian eno. life is long [everything that happens will happen today]

2. volcano! africa just wants to have fun [paperwork]
3. the 6ths. you you you you you [hyacinths and thistles]
4. deerhoof. offend maggie [offend maggie]

5. lucky dragons. givers [dream island laughing language]
6. vivan girls. blind spot [i can't stay]
7. wavves. californian goths [tape 1]

8. boduf songs. pitiful shadow engulfed in darkness [how shadows chase the balance]
9. loren mazzacane connors. sad at times [hoffman estates]
10. simon joyner. love is worth suffering for [beautiful losers]

11. get back guinozzi! carpet madnses [demo]
12. videotape. he the moon [my favourite thing]
13. the ruby suns. palmitos park [el guincho cover]

14. the ruby suns. birthday [beatles cover]
15. us girls. i can hear music [live on wfmu]
16. fantastic magic. sea of gold [s/t]

17. gang gang dance. princes [saint dymphna]
18. blessure grave. insecurity [s/t]
19. get set play. sdv [demo]

20. joose keskitalo. saimaan rannalla [joose keskitalo & kolmas maailmanpalo]
21. smog. real live dress [accumulation: none]
22. donovan quinn & the 13th month. quarantine [s/t]

23. human hair. happy birthday [7"]
24. male bonding. tuff [live demo]
25. salem. mine mine [fuckt demos]
26. the spits. black and blue [2]

27. surf city. kudos [new!]

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