Tuesday, December 02, 2008

this shit is soooo spacey. playlist dec 2

1. the acorn. flood part one [glory hope mountain]

2. dent may. girls on the square [the good feeling music of dent may]
3. shocking pinks. how am i not myself? [infinityland]
4. the dodos. ashley [visiter]

5. the coolies. throw away (pumice remix) [demo]
6. pens. high in the cinema [3 way split cassette]
7. blank dogs. army crash [captured tracks vol. 1]

8. eat skull. dawn in the face [new demo]
9. harlem. south of france [free drugs;-)]
10. the wicked awesomes. test pattern [split 7"]

11. hotel hotel. midwinter blues [dunno]
12. cold cave. always someone [painted nails 7"]
13. low. words [i could live in hope]
14. valerio cosi. i wanna be free [demo]

15. brian eno. here come the warm jets [here come the warm jets]
16. blank dogs. now signals [the fields ep]
17. magic lantern. gateway [s/t]

18. outer space. weighted ghost [weighted ghost single]
19. mount eerie. rich (homeless) [thanksgiving cover]
20. teen kill. monster [demo]

21. the ribbon. beat beat [field]
22. teeth mountain. keinsein [teeth mountain]
23. my disco! you [paradise]
24. old blood. colors within boundary [old men]

25. flight. over my head [demo]
26. hunx & his punx. you don't like rock n roll [you don't like rock n roll 7"]
27. city center. girlfriend in a coma [demo]
28. beaches. sandy [beaches]

29. the bats. castle lights [the guilty office]

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